Application development & management


We’ve evolved to build robust online commercial solutions, developed engaging communication platforms, and lead organisations to navigate the complex world of social media.

Mobile applications are the new web infrastructure of the mobile era. Unwembi's dedicated application development team provides the necessary skills and insight to ensure our clients' applications deliver on their purpose and complement the overall digital strategy. Unwembi offers bespoke application development and management, focused on content management systems and Hosted. We also offer a secure hosted Microsoft Exchange services and bulk emailing solution to ensure your brand delivers on this platform.

Our clients can be assured that industry best practice will be applied at every point

app development Services

Database development

Let us build and manage and maintain your database, utilising the lastest technologies and security implementations rendering your information accessable and secure.


Transform and streamline your business process with best engineering practices and processes like Agile methodology and DevOps. Utilise our dynamic enterprise-grade mobile application development skills.

Email services

Bulk email and customer targeted email campaigns are part of a service offering linked to your marketing solution.

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