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Beavis Morgan business advisory group of websites

Beavis Morgan is a specialist accounting, tax, restructuring and business advisory group. The client operates in a very mature market in the UK and required a website that would capture the services of the business quickly while providing a user experience that would differentiate the site from its competitors.


Intuitive navigation system

Typically web sites in this sector have excessive information and this needed to be rationalised to allow for a better user experience and a more intuitive navigation system. The website also needed to perform better against competitors in online searches.


Website design

Unwembi re-developed the website in Wordpress. We restructured all the data tags to be more relevant to users and search engines while developing a multiplied CMS system with tiers of rights and functionality.

The design of the site focuses on high level messaging as well as using bespoke video across the site. Extensive SEO research was done for the local and international market. Unwembi is providing on-going SEO services.


BM Advisory

Their old website was not developed with content and user experience in mind, and therefore new content and SEO strategy had to be developed for the new website. The website needed automated news feeds and links to all the other digital assets of the business.We started off with an extensive SEO review of the keywords and competitive landscape and worked these findings into the new website. The website was designed to be easy to navigate and showcase the various offerings of the business.The design uses graphics and layout to deliver messaging around the key services with a clear direction in mind. The website uses various customised feeds that where worked into the new CMS to allow a secure automated solution.

Cadence Advisory

Cadence Advisory is an independent specialist debt advisory firm, who needed a new website. On their behalf we designed and developed a fully responsive website.