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Department of Sports and Recreation website design

Department of Sports & Recreation (SRSA) issued a large tender for the redevelopment of its website and the development of a department-wide intranet solution in 2017. Unwembi was proud to win the contract based on our vast experience, skills and recommended solution.


Enhanced UI and UX

Both the website and intranet have been developed in Drupal for functionality and security. The redevelopment process focussed on enhancing the UI and UX journey and putting SRSA events and news front and centre. All the website data has been indexed to allow content to be more easily and intuitively found. In the past, event registration took place on separate websites but this is now all consolidated on the new website. This allows people returning to the website to register quickly and efficiently. SRSA are now better able to draw reports on all participant details across all events.

Intranet – improving communications

The intranet takes the best SRSA features and combines it with enhanced security and document management facilities on a single platform. The aim was to improve communications within SRSA. It provides a single place for all things SRSA, from calendars to notice boards, birthdays and news, it’s all on one user-friendly intranet.