SA-Tenders visit the website

SA-Tenders our very own brainchild

SA-Tenders is widely regarded as the primary resource for those seeking to obtain access to online tender notices, free of charge in South Africa. We developed SA-Tenders to meet a major market need and provide a valued service, which is our aim for all our clients.

An Unwembi owned website

The South African business market can review online, per industry sector, tender notices relevant to their business. It saves businesses an inordinate amount of time and money by streamlining the tender notices into particular industry categories. It is managed, updated and administered by the same group of people who conceptualised, designed and developed the website in 2006.

Online subscription services

In latter years, we devised an extension to our model: for a highly competitive rate we provide an automated online subscription service to clients on a quarterly and 12 month basis. Subscribers can receive tender notices email to them, depending on their specific business and tendering interests.