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Fully bespoke solution for Umalusi

Our client required a new website to tackle how best to display the huge amount of information they have, while at the same time making it easy for users to navigate their website.


Custom redevelopment

Unwembi was introduced to Umalusi through the work we did for SAQA. The site was redeveloped using our custom designed CMS system allowing a fully bespoke solution for Umalusi’s requirements. All the data was indexed according to different user profiles to allow easy access when navigating the site.

Custom redevelopment

Several new graphic elements were also introduced to help in this. Umalusi signed a multi-year hosting and support agreement with Unwembi to ensure the site was always up, available and secure.

Another key site

Umalusi complemented Unwembi on the work done by awarding another one of its key sites to Unwembi in late 2015. We continue to work closely with Umalusi to enhance the organisation’s digital assets.