More time for you


More time for you

May 25, 2016

Like every other professional, time is the one thing that we can’t ever get back, and it’s always a juggle to find the balance between family, work and all those tasks that just seem to keep piling up!

That’s why we enjoyed taking on the rebranding and digital development of one of our new clients, Virtual Concierge Services World Wide (VSCWW). In a nutshell, it’s an organization of dedicated, professional women who assist other professionals with tasks that can be outsourced to a trusted party, to facilitate their business operations. From tasks at work, to renewing a car licenses, to even booking your holiday.

However, as a growing business they needed more exposure on the web and to move away from just ‘word of mouth’ referrals. So our journey began with evaluating their brand and what this was communicating as it was unclear exactly what they were selling or what their business offered. We investigated the SEO strategy of their current site and began a complete rework of the content and the SEO strategy. Finally, we developed a more professional look and feel for the business that clearly sells its main service, that being, “more time for you”.

We recently launched their new website ( and are proud to report that the new solution has catapulted their business to a whole new level. It’s been a rewarding experience taking this journey with such a great team and I am proud that as we at Unwembi continue to grow our services, and add more value to our customers.

It may be an over-used cliché, however, in the world today, it can be a challenge to ensure your brand stands out amongst the multitude of competition, so make sure at the very least, potential clients can find you and quickly understand your message.

Websites are great tools with which to speak to customers so make sure it is easy for them to understand what it is you do and the services you offer, in the best possible way.