Website hosting


Website hosting

July 1, 2016

Unwembi is many things but not  a hosting company in the traditional sense of the word; we only host websites that we have developed. We currently hosts in excess of seventy websites on a number of web servers in Cape Town and around the world.

Our approach, as far as possible, has been to offer hosting facilities to clients whose websites we have developed. The reason for this is that most of our clients want to deal with a single service provider when it comes to their online presence. They are simply not in a position to make informed decisions about hosting environments, server specifications, backup solutions, bandwidth rates, let alone DNS management and interpreting web usage statistics. So it makes sense for Unwembi to offer all of these additional services in addition to website design and development.

Unwembi built its first website in 1996. We happened to have a spare UNIX box in the office and that is what we used to build the original ANC website and the Government of National Unity site which later became known as , and which we subsequently sold to Cremer Media in 2002. The UNIX box was initially housed in our offices connected to a 64 MG and then later a 128 MG data line (how times have changed).

As the size of our client base grew we moved the UNIX box to Internet Solutions’ who were the first of many data centres we untilised. For many years we offered both UNIX/Linux and Windows based servers to our clients, depending on their individual requirements. After 2010 however, we took the decision to phase out all our Windows based servers in favour of LAMP stacks.

Over the years we have worked with most of the larger data centres and hosting companies in South Africa as well as few overseas. While most have provided us with good service, a couple of them have been spectacularly bad.  It is critical that you find the best hosting company for your requirements.  Because without it, your website stands the risk of failing, losing all back up and critical information along with it.

Fortunately, Unwembi strives to deliver a guaranteed, safe, secure and reliable hosting service to our clients and have aligned ourselves with hosting companies with the same vision.