A Beautiful Piece of Print Can Be Timeless


A Beautiful Piece of Print Can Be Timeless

June 17, 2016

We live in a world where technological advances means that almost everything you need can be accessed by the touch of a button. Now, media that was previously only printed for example, newspapers, magazines, books and even some business stationery, can be accessed digitally. Print has to compete with this new technology by improving tried-and-tested methods to prove that while digital is great for those quick “need it yesterday” situations, it is easily discarded, and forgotten, while a beautiful piece of print can be timeless.

When used creatively and intelligently, print provides the opportunity for a beautiful, tactile and collectable object that not only conveys a desired message but has the potential to be kept and cherished long after a digital message has been forgotten. Presently, however, print is most powerful when it is used in collaboration with integrated campaigns.

Printed and digital communications complement each other perfectly, and the one should not be seen as a replacement for the other. For example, in the retail environment, rather than replacing traditional high street boutiques, websites have become an additional route to market. The challenge for retailers is finding the right balance to enable each route to market to operate in the most effective and complimentary medium.

While the number of communication channels are continually growing, this actually increases the possible complementary channels for print. Each channel has its strengths in the communications mix, but one channel working alone cannot meet every communications’ need. Print works perfectly in tandem with other channels to achieve maximum exposure.

Research recently commissioned by Canon showed that 58 per cent of print buyers surveyed were using multichannel communications mediums as part of their marketing communications mix, with printed materials being used in 94 per cent of multichannel campaigns.

For marketers, like Unwembi, the challenge is to find the critical balance between digital and printed mediums, which effectively maximizes the impact of their campaigns and cuts through the clutter, in a world where we are bombarded with many thousands of marketing messages each day.