Social media strategy, reporting & management


With mobile technology providing 24/7 access to digital information and social media, reputation management in a digital world has never been more important.

Social media is firmly embedded in our culture and continues to direct the way in which we communicate. Done correctly, it can be an enormous asset. At Unwembi, we focus on providing a complete turnkey service. This starts from setup through to monitoring and reporting. We ensure our clients occupy a meaningful presence in the social media landscape – without generating unproductive overheads.

We support the business and reputational end goals of our clients by delivering impactful and relevant messaging.

social media Services

StrategY & Campaigns

Developing New Media and Social Media Campaigns are destination strategic and mindful of technological cultures keeping overheads low.

Social media Management

Campaign relevance and insightful reputation management are all part of our professional social media service offering.

Content Development

Scheduling, tracking performance and adjusting your content to increase engagement, reach and conversions.

Management & Reporting

Analysing data actionable insights with better data visualisations is what we do best. We manage and deliver engaging data filtered reports leading to measurable results.

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