Launch of Africa Twin Adventures


Launch of Africa Twin Adventures

August 10, 2016

Unwembi is proud to be associated with a new brand, Africa Twin Adventures (ATA), and we have recently launched their new website:

ATA focuses on providing luxury, guided motorcycle tours around Southern Africa using the Honda Africa Twin motorcycle. The brand is aimed at providing 5 star luxury sightseeing whilst riding across some of the most beautiful terrain in South Africa, all on a motorcycle.

We got involved with ATA from inception, and were asked to create a brand identity to showcase their business. From there on we constructed a website to reflect the professional offerings and services that the company wanted to promote.

With so many companies and online solutions available to create websites today, one forgets some of the basic requirements to make a brand stand out. Thought must go into the brand’s personality and the name of the brand; with one of the key areas being good competitive research before any of this happens.

Content is what drives the web today but content must also be supported by a good SEO strategy. Choose the wrong words and topics, and you could get lost and end up spending money on content that becomes expensive to market.

In 1994 there were only around 3000 websites in the world. If you look at the graph below, you can see the growth that has taken place since then:
graphATA is the 11th

So how does a new brand compete in this very busy space, especially when the brand is new and has a limited budget? Again, research is the key to all of this. My advice has always been to start small, spend money on the areas and markets where you can move the needle, and make sure you and your service provider are constantly making changes to learn and improve what you’re doing and of course, what not to do. Some of the best experience is often gained when things don’t work, rather than when they do.

It is interesting to note that today, digital marketing is taking more of the total marketing spend, although this needs to be balanced out against the returns. Therefore online activities like SEO and PPC are not a destination but a journey, and like any good journey, they take time.

The website launched this year and we continue to learn how to do things better in this fast and ever-changing space. We wish ATA all the success for the future and look forward to a long and successful relationship in helping their brand grow.